Aair·ta·fae Airtafae stems from the word ‘rose’ in the Arabic language. Infatuated with the flower roses but even more intrigued by the laid rapper and influencer, Tupac Shakur’s poem ‘The Rose That Grew From The Concrete’. Being able to go against the grain, beat all odds and stand beautifully just like a rose. Our mission is to build and embrace all women shapes, sizes and color. Stepping out your comfort zone, showing your own style and twist to our pieces. We're giving you the blueprint! 


Airtafae was founded by a young boss babe, Brittney Walker. A first generation college graduate who found her purpose selling sneakers and hustlin'. With just a retail background and a passion for fashion, she set out to make things happen. Starting with just a dream and vision and turning it into reality.Being that example, that all things are possible through Christ, knowing through anything you can grow and stand tall just like the rose that grew from the concrete. We aspire to be as hands on with everything pertaining to our brand as possible. The young CEO Brittney 'Boogie' not only hand picks the models and inventory but she also styles, directs and photographs all of Airtafae's photoshoots to ensure every bit of the business is set to perfection.